My second A-level GP experience

Paper 1 was ok. Many of the questions could be seriously considered as options, so it was a matter of making the most strategic choice. I chose the film question because the question demands were most reasonable and I had lots of examples to offer as illustrative evidence. Ironically there was a question about arms expenditure which I did think for a fraction of a second of doing, but seriously the film question was too good to pass up. I think I knocked it out of the park. Hopefully.

As expected, Paper 2 was a real rush for time. It’s not that the topic or the questions were hard or anything, but if you really want quality answers, students need time to think, to plan, to structure. All this rushing for time is going to produce poor, unconsidered answers. And there’re too many Type 1 questions for the paper’s own good. This year the obsession was on parallels, contrasts, and inter-paragraph links. Probably to fit the larger thematic argument that the ICT and Gutenberg revolutions are comparative. Are they getting rid of literary devices, or is it that each year there’s going to be a theme? Oh boy.


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