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A minus is a plus

March 11, 2014

Contented. At least I improved my CGPA slightly. I feel I’m on the right path, regardless of whether I choose to write that dissertation or not.


Dissertation or desertion?

March 9, 2014

So I’m eligible to write one. And my proposal and assorted administration forms have to be submitted by this Friday. I have just emailed a faculty member as a possible supervisor for assistance and I hope he gets back to me ASAP.

I’m a bit annoyed by this development, to be honest. I’m chuffed to have made the cut to write one, and I should try my best to make the most of the opportunity, but the tight deadlines give me more stress I don’t need. I’m just going to give this a shot and if it comes to nought then so be it.  I’ll just enjoy coursework like I’d always planned.

And it was really good to receive my first A+ for my international law assignment. At least hard work does pay off.

Course shopping as Trimester Three begins

March 4, 2014

So Trimester Three just started yesterday, and I’m already thinking of reading three mods and auditing maybe two. That’s a shitload of work and reading and I hope I can sustain the effort. I hope coming to school four times a week incentivises me to make full use of the facilities and my time as a student.

The results were released yesterday;  pleased that PL and R filled me in on how they did; I was honestly not expecting any news from anyone. I believe we did great but am not crazy to find out the details, not when I’ve a heavy trimester to grapple with.

It nevertheless is disconcerting to see people posting screenshots of Thank yous on FB like it’s some kind of competition. Haven’t you heard of privacy, people. I guess that’s why I’m not really active on FB anymore,  not when it comes to the really important things.

Gotta stop here and sit in for War in the Global Village and see if I want to audit that as well.