Exam Eve Thoughts

My Study of War exam is 11 hours away, but I can’t get to sleep.

No it’s not due to nerves. I feel good, quietly calm. I think I know my stuff. It’s the contemplation and the anticipation that is hard to bear.

Met up with SarahHOPS and WY today and we had a nice catchup. It always feels good to see your former students doing very well in the world. And it got me reflecting on the irony that I’m meeting up with more of my former charges than ever when I’m not in school this year. I’ve bumped into quite a few of them on campus too.

Trimester Three starts a week after the exams end. Gotta start thinking about what modules I want to take and then get working on the readings. They’ve already started uploading the finalised syllabi. It’s a ticking clock on a runaway train. Oh my.

But I haven’t felt this quiet peace, this comforting sync, in a while now. I want to savor it as much as I can, while I can. Keep the mental reserves healthy in the assets column while I can, to cash them out when I need them later.

Okay will stop here for now. Need to force myself to get to sleep or I won’t be at Ops One during the exam.


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