Turning Point

I suppose it had to happen one day.
I don’t know about you, but I knew it would come
Sooner rather than later.
You have been my best friend since forever
But best friends aren’t clones
We all change, grow – apart and together
So we don’t like all the same things anymore
It shouldn’t matter
So I don’t think we need to tell each other everything
That’s called keeping a core of ourselves hidden
For us alone
I guess I realised it early on
That I couldn’t really tell you everything
And couldn’t really tell you everything
But isn’t that normal for everyone?
I used to think being perfectly open and honest was everything
But now I feel some things need to be kept hidden
Or just not said
Because perfect honesty doesn’t have to be the be-all
And end-all of life
There are some people you shouldn’t be honest with
Because it’ll just come back to bite you in the ass
Not that I think you’re that kind of person, mind
But I don’t think you’re open enough for perfect honesty
And neither am I – I guess
So as long as we always have each other’s back for
the really important things
That’s the bottom line
For why we are still best friends


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