Typing (some of) this on my new Wedge Mobile keyboard

Yup, I bought it so that I didn’t have to carry my bulky laptop around, but still be able to do work on my Tab.  It’s a little steep at $99, but pretty solid overall – no lag, keys are firm yet the board is light (the cover adds weight though).  Definitely lighter than if I were to bring entire laptop out. Now I don’t have an excuse not to do work, haha. Oh yes I met a former student working at the store and she gave me a staff discount – yay! Also bumped into XY and ME who gave me a little update on 61. Glad to know they’re working hard.

It was fun spending the afternoon with T, shopping and eating and talking about things, and getting intel about some people in school, haha.

Watched Her over the holidays, in two sittings, because somehow it was too painful to get through it in one.  Jonze really does hit the jackpot on so many issues, but perhaps the one that struck me is how our relationships are meaningful because they’re so limited, because it’s two flawed beings struggling to make things work. Not that all flawed relationships can work, mind. There must be a floor under which some relationships are better off left to die. Ouch.

Now I’m gonna stop here and get started on my last Study of War summary. Time really does fly.


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