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Thoughts on ending Trimester Two

February 22, 2014

So just like that, twelve weeks are over. And so here’s the customary end of trimester reflection.

1. I definitely enjoyed my modules more this time around than the last. There was more time to prepare and read ahead, to think and ponder about ideas, and to have conversations with others about those ideas. Especially blessed to have really good profs who are open to our ideas and make me inspired to learn and read more broadly. Overall, it felt good to be much more with it on the key ideas than struggling to make sense of it all during the last trimester. It was edifying to be regarded as being really on top of international law,  even though there was no secret – just diligent prep and reading way ahead.

2. Can’t say the same thing about exams though. I don’t think I’ll do as well as last trimester.  Seem ironic that I’m more comfortable with the content this time around but didn’t feel I did good on the exams. Oh well. Life is more than just exams. But try telling that to the guy who is looking at your transcript and not at your life history.

3. I’m really happy I’m getting to know more people in school, and no surprises they aren’t from strat. Is it true strat boys are just not collegial types? Oh well. I only hope my links will grow over the new year. It would make student life more real, I guess.

4. They’ve packed Tri Three with so much good stuff it’s hard to choose what to take with just a week to mull. I think I’ll go with my passion and my gut – the former has served me really well and the latter hasn’t been too off, actually.

So how much of a break am I going to give myself before getting back to work? Not much I guess. I’m seriously considering taking three modules in Trimester Three and that means more work. To be honest I think I was a bit too relaxed during Trimester Two and the pace wasn’t helpful to help me adjust to a typical three-module term. Oh well. I’ll just soldier on and enjoy whatever downtime I can get. Hopefully the module content will more than make up for the workload.


Exam Eve Thoughts

February 19, 2014

My Study of War exam is 11 hours away, but I can’t get to sleep.

No it’s not due to nerves. I feel good, quietly calm. I think I know my stuff. It’s the contemplation and the anticipation that is hard to bear.

Met up with SarahHOPS and WY today and we had a nice catchup. It always feels good to see your former students doing very well in the world. And it got me reflecting on the irony that I’m meeting up with more of my former charges than ever when I’m not in school this year. I’ve bumped into quite a few of them on campus too.

Trimester Three starts a week after the exams end. Gotta start thinking about what modules I want to take and then get working on the readings. They’ve already started uploading the finalised syllabi. It’s a ticking clock on a runaway train. Oh my.

But I haven’t felt this quiet peace, this comforting sync, in a while now. I want to savor it as much as I can, while I can. Keep the mental reserves healthy in the assets column while I can, to cash them out when I need them later.

Okay will stop here for now. Need to force myself to get to sleep or I won’t be at Ops One during the exam.

Turning Point

February 7, 2014

I suppose it had to happen one day.
I don’t know about you, but I knew it would come
Sooner rather than later.
You have been my best friend since forever
But best friends aren’t clones
We all change, grow – apart and together
So we don’t like all the same things anymore
It shouldn’t matter
So I don’t think we need to tell each other everything
That’s called keeping a core of ourselves hidden
For us alone
I guess I realised it early on
That I couldn’t really tell you everything
And couldn’t really tell you everything
But isn’t that normal for everyone?
I used to think being perfectly open and honest was everything
But now I feel some things need to be kept hidden
Or just not said
Because perfect honesty doesn’t have to be the be-all
And end-all of life
There are some people you shouldn’t be honest with
Because it’ll just come back to bite you in the ass
Not that I think you’re that kind of person, mind
But I don’t think you’re open enough for perfect honesty
And neither am I – I guess
So as long as we always have each other’s back for
the really important things
That’s the bottom line
For why we are still best friends

Typing (some of) this on my new Wedge Mobile keyboard

February 3, 2014

Yup, I bought it so that I didn’t have to carry my bulky laptop around, but still be able to do work on my Tab.  It’s a little steep at $99, but pretty solid overall – no lag, keys are firm yet the board is light (the cover adds weight though).  Definitely lighter than if I were to bring entire laptop out. Now I don’t have an excuse not to do work, haha. Oh yes I met a former student working at the store and she gave me a staff discount – yay! Also bumped into XY and ME who gave me a little update on 61. Glad to know they’re working hard.

It was fun spending the afternoon with T, shopping and eating and talking about things, and getting intel about some people in school, haha.

Watched Her over the holidays, in two sittings, because somehow it was too painful to get through it in one.  Jonze really does hit the jackpot on so many issues, but perhaps the one that struck me is how our relationships are meaningful because they’re so limited, because it’s two flawed beings struggling to make things work. Not that all flawed relationships can work, mind. There must be a floor under which some relationships are better off left to die. Ouch.

Now I’m gonna stop here and get started on my last Study of War summary. Time really does fly.