Incredibly hard, but incredibly powerful

Like the Mindfulness book suggested, I tried to notice my breathing this morning. I didn’t do the full exercise, but just tried to follow my breathing and feel the sensations, physical and emotional, with each in- and out-breath.

It was quite a…feeling. It takes an incredibly disciplined mind to do what seems deceptively, deceptively simple. Focusing oneself on the present, in the moment, is not easy.

I wasn’t feeling emotionally wretched when I did it. But I can only imagine how much more difficult it would be if one is being thrown around by the swells of emotional turbulence.

In a way, it’s even harder than being in the gym. There, the release of adrenaline gives you a high, maybe helps you to focus on the repetition of motion and your breathing, and clearing your mind of thoughts is arguably easier. Not so when you’re in the stillness of quiet, especially if your mind is racing, racing, trying to figure things out.

Will continue exploring and trying.


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