Don’t give a fuck about other people; that way they can never hurt you

During our usual Friday meet two weeks ago, V declares how stupid he’s been. If only he’d realised the most important thing about life is success and power, and that stepping on people, if you have to, to get to success, is inevitable. That all that naive aspiration towards Hollywood idealism is just one huge load of BS.

I must say that thought scared me, but I do feel he does make some sense, at some level. What’s the point being nice when no one appreciates it, or worse, just sees it as an opportunity to make use of you? Of course, you may say, well, being good is its own reward, no need for others to appreciate it. Really? Can one be truly altruistic? Or does true altruism mean total rank indifference? The only way I can not let other people’s thoughts about me determine my behavior is IF I REALLY DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THEM. Not just about what they think of me. But also about them as people.

Let’s face it. When people matter to you, it means you have invested yourself emotionally in them, so what they think about you matters so much because you value them and their thoughts about you. So when you find out people don’t give a fuck about you except when they value you as a means to their ends, boy, does that hurt bad. So how do you protect yourself from such possibilities?

Don’t give a fuck about other people. That way they can never hurt you. Yeah yeah you’ll lose a lot in the process, but that’s the price you have to pay, I guess. Nothing valuable comes free.


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