A break fit for purpose

Sighted the phrase ‘fit for purpose’ twice recently; the first time in a news article on the suitability of current FIFA rules regarding dangerous play, and the second in Singer’s Wired For War opining on the relevance of today’s human rights and ethics laws in light of the lightspeed developments in robotics. It means ‘to be appropriate or suitable for the task for which it is made’. So I’m using it to characterize what a break fit for purpose means to me.

It means just that – no work, the freedom to wind down, recharge and do whatever I please. I work damn hard every ten weeks just for this, so I might as well make it really count. I read quite a bit, slept in quite a lot, did as much (or as little) marking as was absolutely necessary, ran some errands, and thoroughly enjoyed the downtime. I didn’t make myself go back to the office or even to the gym, for that matter.

Soon the weekend will be upon us, and ten full and crazy weeks will descend upon us again, but till then one needs to follow the adage that we should work hard when it’s time to work, and play hard when it’s time to play.


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