Well, what do you know.

Ed’s coming back. Well, not Ed’s exactly, but a new, as-yet-unnamed revival, targeted to start operations next month.

The more things change, the more they stay the same? All things will turn out well if you let them?

Probably feeling a bit of both, right now.

All in all, had a good first week. A shaky start at first as usual, and reframing one’s mindset isn’t at all easy; it’s a lot of hard work and sometimes you don’t know if it’s all going to work out but in the end you surprise yourself, they surprise you. Am very surprised how hard it is to just listen and withhold the initial rush to judgement, how gratifying when patience is rewarded with something simple yet profound. Real trust isn’t easy to build, least to say a whole new different culture, but the promise of potential is intoxicating. And we haven’t even come to PT yet.

Let hiccups be just that – hiccups.


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