Farewell, Fat Ed’s


And so, tomorrow, a good friend will leave the scene.

Thank you for everything. I came first for the food, but you leave after having taught me how and why relationships matter. For what is good food but its experience that is shared: the joys and the sorrows. Many blog entries were written here; countless scripts marked under your watchful shade. You bore witness to those defining moments when I had to confront the delusions and face the truth. The magic of Hope Heart Idea. The conversations that mattered, and the heartbreaks of relationships ended.

I couldn’t have gotten through 2012 without you. You’ve made the worst moments that much more bearable. I still don’t know how I’ll cope without you this year, but you’ve taught me that faith endures and faith will find a way. Like how to bear the hurt of a painful decision that needed to be made. Relationships are so damn painful sometimes precisely because they are so damn valuable.

So today, the day when my new charges bond around a campfire, and tomorrow, when dawn breaks upon a new lunar spring, I write this to you before you take your leave.


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