Viewable Sunday

So I finally decide to visit the Substation for the Temporary Repositories exhibition, on an atypical, overcast, gloomy sort of Sunday afternoon. The air is cool and it’s actually chilly in the air-conditioned buses. I take one that brings me on a nice long ride.

I’m surprised I haven’t visited the Substation sooner, although there’s a nagging feeling I have, for some Irish film festival a long long time ago. I don’t know. I can’t remember.

Anyway, the film showcase was fascinating just because there’s so much one could watch – mostly studies done by film course students but also a few familiar names now mainstream and famous in the local filmmaker sense. I caught a kitschy propaganda satire, large bits of a Martyn See docu, a colleague’s humorous short about two hapless out of work stockbrokers turned would-be robbers, and Kelvin Sng’s homage to Wong Kar Wai and Teresa Teng featuring a former student!

All in all, a good few hours spent on a dreamy deary Sunday, before getting back to the I&Is.


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