According to Socrates…

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According to Socrates, we must:
(1) Strengthen Our Souls;
I see this as finding ways to fortify myself internally. It’s only natural that many times, from daily wear and tear, our inner wills get eroded, as we attempt to contend with the loads of negativity that occur naturally around is. So this for me is about rededicating, reorienting myself daily so I don’t veer off course.

(2) Speak The Truth;
For me, this is about two things: courage and phrasing. It takes guts to tell the truth but even more guts to make the effort to find affirming ways to phrase it. Not every knife needs to be sharp to pierce the heart. I admit phrasing is something I’m still working on, how not to go for the sting right at the start, but to catch flies with honey, as they say.

(3) Think for Ourselves;
For me, this is more about taking responsibility for the choices I make, rather than about what conventionally would be perceived as following the crowd. I think too many times I neglect to accept responsibility for my choices, my actions, my feelings. Taking responsibility is to think carefully before committing to an action, but once I’ve done it, I have to live up to and with it.

(4) Ask the Right Questions;
Right Questions are the ones I usually avoid asking, because I don’t like the answers I already know deep down. So that’s something I need to take note of. Also, Right Questions don’t have to be academic questions, but moral questions that may ultimately have no clear answers.

and (5) Grow With Others
Even if it’s my destiny to be alone, ‘Others’ also means the people around me – my colleagues, my charges, and the small circle of people whose counsel I value and who, one way or another, inspire me to better action. And this means collective, not individual progress. Too often we race ahead and forget about taking others with us, to say nothing about leaving people behind. JW is right about being grateful about the relative downtime now, but I can’t wait to get started on building my learning community this year.


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