The power of the promise of collaboration…

…is just simply indescribable.

It all began with such an ordinary conversation, just a simple sharing of thoughts, taking a break from marking.

When conversations spark ideas. Enthusiasm. Yet more ideas. When discussion becomes so compelling. When you’re completing each other’s sentences, literally coming together in sync. When possibilities abound and everything seems do-able. When you can almost see the promise of the future.

It’s not going to be an easy project, but it’s exciting just to think about doing the work together.

I hope something good comes out of this. Really.

Also thankful for the conversation I serendipitously managed to have over lunch with Boss. It was good to clear the air, lay out my position in greater detail. Okay, so maybe we won’t see eye to eye on some things, maybe even a lot of things, but it’s important for me things are at least cordial. Smoother relations are always helpful if anything.

Little things to keep me going. Faith that things will ultimately be okay.


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