Watching the action from the sidelines

So we’re back. So far so good. Subbed for LAH for that last half hour. A good experience being back in the saddle, even for a little while. Ran into three former charges. Restarted gym. Agreed to string for another speech again.

Pleasantly surprised that about half of my former charges have been on the ball during the hols, and so I already have two piles of I&I submissions to wade through. Which is a good thing because the diagnostic’s coming in next week and I have to finish as much as I can before that because that takes priority.

Overall, a smooth and uneventful first day, with the main theme being everyone – colleagues, my former charges, even kiddos whom I rarely interact with – going on, somewhat dramatically taken aback, about my weight loss. Three months ago, I would have killed for that kind of recognition. Now it feels, I don’t know, a bit flattering but also a little awkward. I guess it’s because many think it happened over the holidays but from my perspective it really began last May. So the learning point here is that sometimes good things take a while to percolate to the surface. Maybe I was too hasty three months ago. I guess I need to always remind myself of the importance of Patience.

Bumped into her this morning while on my way to the inaugural sharing and we greeted each other. It was a pleasant, sincere encounter. It’s baby steps, but I think eventually we’ll be okay. That’s it. No grandiose expectations. Just, okay. I’m glad.

Like I said, a smooth, uneventful first day. Which is a good thing to take into tomorrow’s session. Not really looking forward to it, but it’s something that I have to see through too, I know.


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