HK Raw and Ready: Day 5 aka Last Day

Had a fitful night’s rest, and woke at 6. Maybe my body’s telling me it’s ready for work already.The skyline is covered in fog. Didn’t linger in bed for that long this morning. Packed up (not as much of a pain as I had thought) and checked out. I have about three hours to roam before getting back to catch the airport express shuttle.

First stop, Nathan Congee and Noodle. Finally. This is flsh and century egg congee, with steamed won ton soup for good measure.

I’m not a congee nut actually. I just think congee can be filling without being too heavy on the stomach.

Going to make a dash to browse the Adidas outlet at Hankow and then last stop, Kowloon Park.

Hankow done. I decided to take one last walk along the Avenue of Stars. It’s a foggy day and the majestic skyline has wrapped itself from view again. More tourists. Kowloon Park may have to be deferred to the next visit. Ironic that the one thing nearest the hotel is the last thing I never got to see.

After a bowl of hot red bean dessert to warm me up, i picked up some custard egg tarts and chicken pie to have on the trip home. Waited quite a while for the airport express shuttle, but the airport-bound train was a breeze and after clearing immigration, I’m typing this while enjoying Ben & Jerry’s coffee ice cream before heading for the gate.

So what are the takeaways from the trip? Several stick vividly in my mind. First and foremost, I have learned I will be okay alone. Life goes on, and if we are to use its gift to us to the best of our ability, we have to let things go, move on, and keep looking forward and to the future. Next, we must have always the courage to venture out and try new things, but also know when to listen to oneself and take informed risks. Also, if things don’t go as planned, don’t panic and prepare to be flexible. The encounter with the unexpected, if we are open to experience, may be better than we could have ever planned.

Lastly, be humble. HK is so much more than mere stereotype, if we are prepared to look beyond the commonplace. I’ve met nice service people, ordinary folk who were friendly and treated me with kindness, and that’s what brings people back, not the food or the Michelin stars. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to take a break, to the weather which has been glorious especially on NYE, to Dao for her recommendations, and the people who kindly kept me in their thoughts as the new year broke over the horizon.

Now it’s back to work, as LAH says, renewed in spirit and with a renewed spirit. I made the decision to make the trip in a flash, and have really no regrets. It’s how I want this year to be – to fully, finally, make each experience count.


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