HK Raw and Ready: Day 2 NYE (Part 2)

This is going to be be nowhere near the nuance of the original but that’s ok. Just want to make sure the key insights are captured.

I spent quite a long time photographing the harbor skyline. The place is completely quiet and deserted, a stark contrast to tonight when it’ll be massively packed with revelers gathered for the countdown pyrotechnics. There are a couple of outlier tourists, and believe it or not, a local jogger or two. A lone female figure stands contemplatively meditating before the water. I’m struck at how human societies can’t help but keep erecting monuments as legacy and remembrance.

133 135 138 141 142 143

Down the promenade towards the pier and the familiar crowds return, boarding or alighting from the ferries. The walkway takes you across the road to two ifc mall, and here HK’s dichotomy stares starkly at you in the face. Kowloon’s working class man is out of place among the glass and light and international brands. I feel positively proletarian walking amongst the well-heeled, tourist and local indecipherable. Didn’t step into the Apple flagship store at the second floor, with a gorgeous view, but managed to finger an iPhone 5 at the ground level. Sorry Apple, but I’m going to give the Note or the S3 or its heir apparent some serious consideration when my contract ends. I need a phone that’s a serious e-reader, and regardless of whatever’s been said about retina display, it’s not you.

Wanted to walk on towards Chatham, but the booty on my back wearied me and so I decided to head back to base, deposit the stuff and recharge before heading out again. Caught up with the SCMP while the phone was being recharged. SG problems are cloned in HK too. Housing and ageing population issues. The elderly poor. Political scandals leading to polarising discontent. Mainlanders everywhere giving rise to tension and unease. Except that it’s raining back home, according to Facebook. I’m glad I’m here.

Finally headed out towards TST to join the revellers. Tried looking for the noodle place I saw earlier this morning but predictably it had, kaleidoscope-like, been reabsorbed from my view. So extensively updated the earlier post over a dinner of rice and beef brisket and steamed won ton soup at some Bowring Street cafe but lost all the data, as it turns out.



Left at around nine thirty for TST. Large sections of road had been pedestrianised, and there was a large police presence.

443 146 148

Every creed, race and color of humanity situated in every positive way seems to be out here tonight. Near Salisbury Road and the clock tower, we were immobilized but everyone was calm and there was no pushing. Decided to head back and watch the proceedings from the quiet and comfort and view of my room instead, with local snacks to keep me company.

It’s fifty five past midnight as I write this. I’m actually pretty bushed. I’m going to turn in and head out towards Whampoa Garden for dim sum tomorrow.

So that’s my NYE. I think it was a good way to end 2012. All I want for 2013 is to really make it count in The Job, a smooth resolution of the D affair, and to be a positive influence to others and myself. I hope it’s not too much to ask.

Happy New Year:)


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