HK Raw and Ready: Day 2 NYE

Slept well enough, and awoke to sunshine blazing in from the view. Should have chosen the other bed. Lingered and finally showered, ready to move out.

Originally wanted to start out NYE by with dim sum at Maxim’s Langham Place, but passed by Yuen Kee Noodles on Parkes Street on the way to the subway and thought why the hell not, I need a late brekkie to fill my empty stomach anyway. This is steamed won ton noodles and the customary yuan yang.


Probably will keep dim sum for a late lunch.

Going to chance the Mongkok Espirit factory outlet to see if I can pick up some work shirts or maybe jeans. I need smaller size stuff all the time. Then maybe a walking tour of Central in the afternoon. Brought out my hotel copy of the SCMP and will wanna nurse it over hot late tea. Reminder to myself: find Sogo, find that place, or any reasonable place, to have century egg congee.

The highlight of tonight is definitely the countdown and lights show at the harbourfront. Expectant.

Indulged in a spot of shopping for work clothes in Mongkok and that took a while. Turns out MX was a bust because it was a fuss-free Cantonese fast food joint instead. I guess I would have to venture to the Maxim Palace restaurants for some real dim sum.

Then on to the train to Central. Got off at Admiralty. Typing this at a rest stop at Tamar. It’s a little windy and gloriously sunny and with great views of the harbor and the peak. Gonna photo whore for a while here.

114 115 111 116 117 122 127 129

Munching the remainder of my lao po bing before walking down to the view.

Updated this post twice but lost everything because there’s some problem with the app and updating with the wireless. I’m going to start a new post so I won’t lose everything a third time.


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