Crafting life


This is highly recommended for anyone on The Job, and not only if your subject is writing. I came to this expecting a user’s guide, a manual, that I could use to help my charges hone their arguments better, but boy was I glad I was wrong. Reading Fish reacquainted me with why I chose to do Lit way back then, why words move me and why I want to move my charges with words. I won’t be able to do justice to all the insights he makes; so all I can say is you need to read it for yourself and you will discover why I felt (and still feel) writing is a commitment to life and should never be carelessly, mindlessly done. And why we must love what we do – as Fish clearly does – because the Artist on The Job is as important – perhaps more so – than all the roles we get called on to play.

Also went to get looked at about a touch of flu, and asked about BMI targets and all. Was surprised to find upon weighing I’m 75.1 – I expected to be 80 given that I haven’t been gymming regularly during the downtime. BP was ok; I should get my cholesterol tested if I really want to make sure I’m on the right track. So the triad of BP, cholesterol and sugar intake is also something to think about rather than just general weight loss and exercise.


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