Been catching up on some of my ex kiddo’s blogs, and so inspired to pen something now. Soon I need to get up and get ready for gym. Then chaperoning training. Not sure if lunch will happen after that, but am looking forward to coffee and catching up with CM. Then Friday dinner as usual, and Zoukout. Not really sure if I want to head down, but the option’s at least there. Haven’t seen A&B in ages. But it’s always like that – I start off dreading it but then realise what I would have missed if I hadn’t been there. And I think I am owed a break, after everything that’s happened.

So 21 Feb in the new year is the next milestone in the A affair. Not going to think about it anymore, just let whatever happens happen. It’s good to have things to keep me busy this time of year. When I&I’s finally done, there’s evaluation of ITQ, the P2 analysis I need to do to prep for next year, shopping for new clothes and stuff, using up SMILES….it just keeps coming. Was thinking maybe running off to HK for a couple of days post-Christmas? Whatever.

Happiness is? The sky finally clearing up after a long shower. Waking up after a long coma and finding out the President’s changed but your favorite diner is still round the corner. Before we know it, the downtime will be gone and we will rear up to the safety offered by the craziness of routine. But I’m glad and grateful for everything. I want to make 2013 count. Really, finally count.


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