Going a week without salad

The end of another week. It’s raining buckets as I write this. Nothing really new to note; MW came back to visit and we caught up for a while; ran 5 clicks to Above&Beyond’s Cream Ibiza mix today. Caught up with YS for a bit; even passed her the text of the songs, which was a little bit of self-indulgence on my part but wth, I did write them and am glad my charges inspired me to write them. Didn’t get any headway on the compre CA; must admit to feeling it’s a bit of a drag. What does it say if I prefer clearing PW stuff instead? Ouch.

I must make some headway tonight. The presentation tmr will take up some time, so I need to use this weekend productively.

V asked for a rain cheque on dinner this week, and as I take sliced fish soup for dinner again, I’m realising I haven’t had salad in a while. Kinda miss it. I wish Sunday comes quickly and E’s back in biz and I can have salad again. Haha.

And I’ve noticed how I’m noticing little things more, especially how music seems more real or clearer to me. I’ve been putting on the older Mary Chapin Carpenter albums, humming ‘Rhythm of the Blues’, which somehow takes on new resonance for me. When I listen to tunes I haven’t heard in a long time, it’s like welcoming an old friend back into your life but noticing things you never noticed before in him. Two days back I YouTubed the opening piano solo to ‘Why Walk When You Can Fly’ for the Big Birds as an example of the kind of mood music they should be looking for, and we then went on to Carl Schroeder’s ‘Christine’s Lullaby’, and those harp notes in diminished minor really hit me hard like never before.

And then I thought of baby J, and whether I will someday get to see her. I hope so. I’m sure she’s loved very much.

YS says my eyes light up when I talk about SevenNine; yes I do care about them very much and I can’t wait to see them again next week. Today in the canteen I spotted some of them and a part of me knows how much I’ll miss them when it’s over, but they are growing up to shine brightly wherever they end up and whoever they end up with next year.

See you next week, people:)


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