Hope. Heart. Idea

How do blue hands on a shirt shade into
a drive to peel away stigma?
Hope heart idea
How does a crazy mess of lines coalesce
into a figure of merry burlesque?
Hope heart idea
Did you scam yourselves back then?
When you thought you never could but actually you can
If you have hope heart idea

It’s simple really
Get hooked on hope
to sing the opera of the heart
And when the soul starts flagging
Just startup
With hope heart idea
Some lemon tea does help
Plus a generous dose of Ho
On that day in April
You’ll want the joy to flow

down to hope heart idea

So when evening shades into night
And the trials seem far from over
Take a tour inside yourself
And sail down the river of
hope heart idea
Write the lines that shine you right
Live the words that bring you light


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