Down to 86.3

Just weighed after returning from gym. So like 5 keys in 4 weeks. Don’t know if that’s a good stat. Will find out from someone if I really want to bother about it. Right now it is yet another step forward. The A affair is about to reach the next stage with paper service. Then 8 days of waiting to see what’s the response.

Another busy day. DSoo came to visit; brought me wafers; will share them with SevenNine tmr to celebrate going to 86.3. R is going to India for 2 weeks; he leaves Monday. Best wishes to him for a good journey. The only blip today was my bad for telling N about PeeDoubleYou; she didn’t take too kindly to what I had to say. So I guess I need to restrain New Me. Well, at least towards some people.

And oh yes SH has decided to plunge to Monash after all. Yay. She doesn’t leave till Feb next year, so I wonder what she’ll do in the meantime.

Need to really be done with the Bulletin so I can go get dinner and hopefully continue ploughing through the compre CA. Never can seem to find the time to get it done.


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