Running to trance

So I brought Above&Beyond’s Mixmag Ibiza mix to the gym today, and was lucky to be able to listen to the second half of it during my workout. I think trance helps me run more, makes me more motivated to try harder, run faster. The beat doesn’t let up, so I can’t let up either. I just wish I could get used to putting on earphones while working out. I’d hate the hassle of getting tangled up and all that. Maybe I should give it a try. It’s not often I have the whole gym to myself to blast Above&Beyond on the stereo.

Lessons were ok today. A bit of an anti-climax showing SevenNine the verses, but oh well. Finally the Bulletin’s done. Now it’s on to getting through 2 piles of compre CA. A bit weird reading that G calls PW a bitch, but as long as they plod on, I’m satisfied. Again Seveny’s newspapers go missing. We really need a CCTV, but to watch over newspapers?! GEMS is finally settled too; bowling it is. And I must remember to have that conversation with Mel about studies. Gotta weigh myself in mid-week. This is starting to become really random. I could polish off a couple of SQs or go home to Drop Dead Diva.

I think I’ll be good today and try the former.


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