busy busy Friday

Omg haven’t stopped working in one form or another since I stepped in at 0720 thereabouts. Now I know what Soaps means when she says we’re rats on a wheel and never get off:

1.  Finish up the last essay. Breakfasted on chunky bar while at it.

2. PW with SevenOne. Showed them ‘Drive’ and then gave a pep talk which was less than successful I feel. But will keep trying.

3. Keying in marks.

4. Gym.

5. Short pow-wow with the Dementeds. I had forgotten all about the appointment and had to cut it short after 40 minutes because I had to go to…

6. Mark-checking with Seveny.

7. Getting next week’s compre printed while flipping through Economist and TIME for useful articles to flag to my charges.

8.  Sharing with my first grp from SevenOne over lunch. We didn’t really have time to go into specific ideas; was trying more to address the flagging morale issue. Grateful for their honest sharing; I think it really helped loosen the skepticism and the uncertainty a bit.  I feel this was my hardest one to date, even though navigating the uncertain currents got a bit better. Makes cold starting a warp core feel like kindergarten.

9. Chaperoned universities introduction talk while browsing through extra grammar work for my weak charges.

10. Printed good essays to bring home to read and assess over the weekend. There’s a meeting Tuesday.

11. Typing this list and remembering the WR chapters that were submitted and unsure if I should take them home as well…

I also need to get a haircut, hopefully before meeting V for regular Friday dinner.

I’m gonna stop here or the list literally won’t end.


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