Breaking the Trojan Horse

“Whatcha gonna do about it?”
– Clint Eastwood in ‘Million Dollar Baby’

I posed this to SevenNine today during PW, and then it struck me during their group discussions I was circulating around a bunch of HAPPY kids, actually HAPPY about work, about learning. I’ve never seen that before. They continue to amaze me; they are simply amazing. And I was told this was the first time they actually wanted to get to PW on time. Wow.

I really hope they bring their new attitude to their other lessons as well, and then they’ll really soar:)

SH came this morning to visit; her hair’s grown but she’s otherwise the same. I’m grateful she’s the one person in 7C who’s always been on good terms with me. I told her about how I’m trying to change the culture of the classroom and I think she was glad. And then that one thing Planny Tay said to me about ‘once I understand how to teach a class like 7C, I will succeed with 7C’ resonated with me. The least I can do to honor 7C is to do right by my charges this year.

Met Cookierella today; they were mostly like the others but more emotionally bottled up I feel. It was a bit scary not knowing if I could handle any emotional outpouring at first, but when it came it was fast and furious and potent and like a valve had been turned. I think G is really stressed; might need to talk to her more. But G was the one who shared the equine image which I think is promising enough for them to ride/write on (pun definitely intended).

I want this feeling to last forever.

On a side note, had to go down and send in the essays to be typed, and immediately there was a sense of trepidation at a possible encounter. Turns out there was no encounter, but that little murmur of the heart tells me all’s not healed yet; I need more time and distance.

I need to break some Trojan horses of my own.


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