A day in the life of a Cheerleader-in-Chief

I hope I’m not being a broken record.

So I saw my third grp today, and as usual they were all doom and gloom, and quite rightly so, because a lot of things were never in place. And rather clingy to things that might not have worked. And it was touch and go there for a while, and I must admit I was a little shorn of ideas, a little afraid I didn’t have enough positive energy to lift everyone.

So I just gently probed, trying to find an in that would hit pay dirt, and it took a while, but when it came, it was about JL’s new coiffure, how she hated it but everyone thought it offered her a new dimension. And then the idea hit and stayed. The euphoria in Sam’s face. Suddenly new and good thoughts flying everywhere. Enough for a good start.

Soaps returned today, and it was good having a neighbour to shoot the breeze with again. Today’s conversation was a little somber though. I wish I could share my sit with her, but it’ll be more than a little weird I think. Especially when the base similarities are there. Still I hope she’ll be ok soon and back to her caloric counting ways.

Attended the APYLS opening today, and while viewing the teaser vid for a moment envied those on the organising team; how it would have been an experience to hang out with quite a different student group. But that feeling lasted just a little while. I’m proud of what I do, working with those I have, away from the sound and fury, but signifying something much more important. As Cheerleader-in-Chief, I have a starring role and a ringside seat in helping them grow, in the quiet moments far from the madding crowd.

I just wish my CT responds better though; they seem harder to convince. I know I had to set down the parameters today and it may have come across as a little harsh for some, but I think I toned it down a lot already. Let’s hope the next sessions are better.

Got an update on the A affair; the brief is now floating in judicial circles, awaiting their response. Fingers crossed.


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