Like catching a good virus

I continue to be amazed.

So today’s grp looked more ‘with it’, but they were initially pretty much in a bind as well. It’s like they rented the hall, engaged the orchestra, but then realised no one could dance. And at first it was hard going as usual, but then they perked up and it was a really, really good session. It was like everyone catching a good virus. One idea that grew larger and larger into 2 ideas, and it got more and more interesting, and people’s looks of doom actually lifted. If V embodied yesterday’s session, CM was the poster girl for today cos her eyes actually lit up and widened from sheer optimism and hope at the end. If yesterday’s session was a good start, today’s was flyin’. And when I did my 30 minutes in the gym after that I actually went on for much longer, like 15 minutes more, because I DIDN’T WANT TO STOP. This is me, who never liked exercise, saying I DIDN’T WANT TO STOP. Just from the high they gave me.


Another small moment to keep me going. If I can play a small part to make CM’s eyes widen, she whose passion is locked deep down inside doubt and inertia and routine, anything is possible. So after gym I Whatsapped to thank them for the enjoyable session and was very heartened when they told me they enjoyed it too and what’s more encouraged me on in my gym quest too. So both of us now are on ‘tours of hope’ haha (in-universe reference).

I started last Friday one person who could never have imagined me today. So that’s why I continue to be amazed. Thanks to M for sharing and empathizing over lunch. Thanks for the fire drill that was short, sharp, sweet and went off without a hitch, except for that issue with VL which I will sooner or later have to deal with. Now’s there a toughie. Tomorrow we need to be back for APD in the afternoon – I hope I get to meet some of my former charges who are receiving prizes. But I won’t know who until I see the programme booklet tomorrow.

Now I’m off to shower and maybe get some marking done before I meet V for regular Friday dinner.


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