I’ll bounce back

Felt happy today for the first in a LONG time. First off I started reading The Last Lecture. Just encountered it in a moment of serendipity, and its message of crystalising the most important things in our lives really got to me at this stage. Then YS invited me to lunch with her bud and it ended up being a short but nice little 5-person affair. Pure serendipity. Or maybe it’s about learning to recognise and appreciate the small good things that drop by in our lives and not dwell in doom and gloom all the time. Saw a graphic in one of my charges’ EoM which said ‘happy people are more sociable, because people are likely to want to hang with them’.

So I want to work on my stamina of staying positive, like I work at gym.

And today’s lesson went off better than I had felt in a LONG time too. Showed a TED clip to set the context and I think the resulting discussion benefited. Ok my CT is a little bit quiet but it’s a start. Changing the culture of the classroom starts from the front.

I want to be better on The Job, get them engaged more, feel more passionate about what they’re learning. And that’s a laudable goal.

I also want to have that conversation with Mel about PDL possibilities soon.

Whatever the A affair brings, I will bounce back. Like a rubberband. Like history. Like pure physics.


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