Dialogue in the Dark

So it was ETP today. 1st half was a bummer – I can’t believe I actually clamoured last year to go. It turns out it’s more preaching than actually trying to stretch your potential or anything – which somehow I thought it would be. How dumb. Dashed off to the gym during lunch break and actually returned 20 mins late and missed the dialogue with DH – not that it would have been spectacular. 4 days’ rest really takes its toil – my legs actually ache now. The highlight was going to NP to experience life in total darkness. Their DITD experience was really an eye-opener (pardon the pun). Ed says I’ve dropped a couple of pounds, but I think it’s a long way from work done. Was too tired to mark after dinner – man I hope it’s not going to be always like this after gym. I can’t afford to slip on my marking.


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