The Truth – From The Other Side

Chanced across this blog entry where a UPS candidly chronicles her struggles with doing badly in college and was moved by her words and what’s more, the many many heartfelt responses from her readers, most of who have personally experienced what she went through. My first thought was that it was scary to think she felt she could not confide in any of us when the whole thing started. Now, as I plough through many many badly written essays, I don’t quite know whether to remain sympathetic or get angry. So I’m just gonna pen a response here.

Ok, I get it – school sucks, there’re 10 million more worthwhile things you’d rather be doing, like swot at CCA practice and chilling with friends etc etc. You’re right of course. But did you ever once stop and think about us, those on The Job, some of whom are trying their DARNEST to make it meaningful, to make at least some of it worthwhile for you, while you turn your angst into frankly-I-don’t-give-a-shit written responses and attitude during lessons? Hey, newsflash. School does suck for us too, and you know why some of us wake up day after day and get in there and try our best? It’s because we care. About you and your apathetic, indifferent attitude towards it all. Whenever I face a wall of stony silence, of stubborn resistance to even do the simplest of things well – like question analysis – don’t you think I can’t think of a million more meaningful things to do at that moment?

But no, I can’t get frustrated, I can’t get angry, because according to this positive psychology BS we’re supposed to understand and take the BS attitude you’re dishing out because it’s good for you. Has anyone ever wondered what it does to our spirit, to mark your ass off EVERY SINGLE DAY, to stand up there trying your best EVERY SINGLE DAY and not get appreciated, or even the simplest courtesy of taking our suggestions for improvement EVERYDAY? I suppose for those of us who’ve learned how to play the game, who’ve realised how stupid it is to really care, this is a stupid, helpless rant of a post. In some ways it is.

But I guess my main message is – it’s time you grow up. You and your naive little wishful thinking that everything’s gonna be perfect in your little glass world. You know what? It doesn’t go right all the time for us too. As a matter of fact, I know that for most of us we struggle with so much shit in our lives, and yet have to take your shit to boot. And why do we? Again, it’s because some of us care, because some of us believe you need a little help to get by, and yes maybe a lot of tough love so you’d grow up knowing the world isn’t perfectly made for you, so you’d come out ok in the end. I say this not because I want to throw in the towel, but because I think we’re owed a break. Not to be treated like kings of old – that time has long passed – but to be treated like the decent human beings most of us are.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask.


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