Caloric counting

Like I mentioned earlier, I decided to hit the gym 3 times a week after putting it off forever. I also decided to drastically cut my food intake and menu – that means no more fast food, desserts, candy, high carb stuff but salad, salad, salad is the name of the game for now on. It’s been 2 weeks now and I’m slowly coming around to the green diet and while it’s hard giving up Ed’s aglio olio (except on Saturdays, when I feel I can reward myself for a whole week’s discipline), it should pay off if I’m focused and patient enough.

So far gym is not too bad, especially after your muscles get used to the regular workout, but a lot of it is really mental. This Wednesday past was a little bad because the mental negativity was slightly higher than usual and that really messed up the motivation a bit, but I still got through the workout. Must try to think positive thoughts and more positive thoughts!

The next phase is really when The Job restarts this coming Monday and I need to juggle lessons, marking, gym and the A crap. Let’s hope it gets better next time I blog about this. I’ve decided not to tie myself to targets but just build it slowly and see where it goes – here’s something that gives me a whole lot of good – better health, more mental alertness, a concrete plan of action that is achievable if I stick to it in a focussed and disciplined manner – and only requires a good half hour sweating it out in a pretty nice environment. Fingers crossed!


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