60 More Charges Over the GP Hill

And so, while waiting for ML to get her food, and finding to my very pleasant surprise that the WordPress app ver 2.6.6 is finally working, I decided to blog the obligatory report that my 60 charges did go over the Hill and came out not in too bad shape. The A haul wasn’t too great, and one didn’t make it, but I guess I should be thankful given how particularly challenging this bunch was.

Not surprising, already the newbies have muttered discontent, and the prevailing sense is entitlement without having earned it. They’re stronger but just slightly. I’ve even had The Talk with one lot. I can only say I feel more confident, more secure this time around, and with a little bit of luck and faith, we will prevail again, with better grades.

And yes, why does it all have to come down to it – the G word. After the F word, it’s the single most vulgar word we on the T Job can ever fathom.


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