The (Obligatory) 9/11 Post

I’m not surprised I’ve become a victim of abandonedblogotitis. In any case, I still feel the need to perform the annual 9/11 reflection, which has been marred this year by threats to burn the holy book, protests about the location of Park 51, and a regrettable sense that some demons haven’t really been exorcised in 9 years, just swept quietly the carpet.

The day began in a nondescript fashion – woke up, met M for lunch and passed her her birthday present, then walked around in IMM to do a bit of shopping. Going down for MAF later – hope to meet some of my ex-charges and shoot the breeze. Have tons of marking to clear, but somehow don’t want to get started. Purchased “Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11” by Bonnie McEneaney from Amazon, which will not arrive in time for the anniversary, but truth be told, I haven’t really been keeping up with 9/11 too.

Maybe letting go is a good thing after all.


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