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“Eight Septembers have come and gone”

September 12, 2009

“Nearly 3,000 days have passed – almost one for each of those taken from us. But no turning of the seasons can diminish the pain and the loss of that day. No passage of time and no dark skies can ever dull the meaning of this moment. So on this solemn day, at this sacred hour, once more we pause. Once more we pray – as a nation and as a people; in city streets where our two towers were turned to ashes and dust; in a quiet field where a plane fell from the sky; and here, where a single stone of this building is still blackened by the fires.”

President Barack Obama, September 11, 2009


Eighth Anniversary

September 11, 2009

In a year where the theme has been about educating those who were spared from witnessing the event, I thought i’d try something different – a photo essay capturing the main snippets of my day.

1100 hrs. Reservoir under overcast skies. The calm before the storm.

1230 to 1545. Reunions in the shadow of the Tower. Renewed friendships with a glaze of the latest gossip, over cups of steaming java.

2120 hrs. On Top of The World, or so they tell you. Two oceans away, names are recited, carried away by the wind. 2752 souls rededicated.

2311 hrs. A fortituous iPhone screenshot, going home to the safety of home and hearth.

This Blog is Not Dead

September 6, 2009

As titled. What’s been going on? Prelim prep. Lots of it. Sea of red gushing down foolscap to no end. Then 500+ summaries to plough through. Maybe when things quieten down can I write more. I don’t know.

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