My Own BSG Finale Moment

I didn’t want to pen something straightaway; wanted to let it all simmer and percolate with all the re-watching and taking a listen to the podcast and all.  And all this is taking place amidst requests for referrals and character testimonies as the Charge of the 77 plans to take their own, individual journeys that will lead them to every kind of destiny “a million light years away”. 

But what the finale promises, at the end of 4 years of unimaginably brutal suffering, is hope’s daybreak.  The sun rises, the darkness inexorably fades away, and mankind’s last sons take their tiny prehistoric steps to “begin all anew”.  No longer survival this, but Life. 

And so too my charges.  I am toying writing them a final email wishing them my very best, in the hope that on this journey when some things have happened before and some things will happen again, the best of us will resonate throughout and beyond our lifespans to touch countless members of our race.


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