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A quiet Three Six

February 20, 2009

I’m using Windows Live Writer to post this, as an experiment for The Job.  First impression is that it works like an Office application but the hassle is that you have to install it on a local client. So offhand my feeling is that I’ll go back to updating ‘live’ on the WordPress website.

What do I remember about Three Six?  Seven Seven surprising me with a song in the middle of class.  Warthogs doing it a day later.  Marking and lots of marking.  I guess growing old is not such a big deal for me anymore.  For the sake of form, I’ll just mention the High Tea that sis is treating me to this Sunday; have invited J along; let’s see how the yellow dress takes to the road.


Run-up to the Big Three-Six

February 16, 2009

Been a while since I last posted, partly because I wasn’t in the mood and partly because I had decided to start consults way way early this year in hopes that the earlier I try to rectify things, the better chance they have of making it.  So far it’s been grueling, both for me and for them.  I have one (in some cases two) every day. The first test would be the BT1 results.  Fingers crossed.

Which naturally leaves me virtually no time at all to get J’s attention.  Our interactions are literally confined to hi-byes in the split seconds that we encounter each other in the corridors, and that too of no fixed certainty.  It was definitely serendipitous that my phone rang her number last friday morning, because I would never have thought of a subtle way to ask my question.  Even though I didn’t get the answer I wanted, I got more explanation than I could have hoped for, which in a way is promising, but with no avenue to make a plan, I guess things are stalemate for now.

Campfire last friday brought back some of the 7Aians from last year; amazing how they look and sound so mature and so eased into working life.  It was great being able to catch up because the next time I see them all I have to handle chits and maybe tears and what not, so it wasn’t too bad a way to spend an evening.

This is also the first year I’ll be spending my birthday without her; right now I just want a quiet one; too much work to even think about celebrating, but it was nice getting those early FB greets…