First week thoughts

All in all, not too bad a start.  The usual challenge is matching faces to names, which got off shaky but I think I’ve gotten the hang of it now.  May need a couple more days to iron our the associative tweaks but I should have all 69 down pat soon.  Rapport wise, still too early to tell, but a couple of alarm bells have already rung. Ability wise, the usual bad habits and erroneous presumptions to weed out and work on, but I haven’t seen and analysed enough of their written work to pin down specific grammar issues.  Warthogs are split; thank God I didn’t make do the plane analogy because it would seriously have fallen flat. Had to come down hard at first, which may have led to some early tensions, but let’s see what happens.  They have lots of potential, yet some have that perpetual angsty mien which is so characteristic of a humanities student at 18 but can get pretty annoying when you’re an ex-humanities student who isn’t comfortable with facing 18-year old mirrors of his angst.

Anyway, first assignment is due this week, so the Charge of the 69 is about to begin.  Hope I hold out. Already I’m grappling with this stupid cough that crept on me mid-week.


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