Eve of the Restart



I got these at a steal during Popular’s annual Bookfest last year, and it’s kinda fitting to have finished them in time for the restart tomorrow. Yes, I’m writing this just past midnight, and in less than 30 hours am due back for another year of war, albeit of a different sort. Both authors do real justice to the realities and nitty-gritties of preparing for and executing major combat operations, and for a while it felt good to pretend like you had a front-row seat to all the action.  If you’re into war fiction, take some time and indulge in this.

All this military fiction has seeped in me an urge to turn my charges into troops and the whole year ahead as a campaign to be won in the exam hall, but I’m not sure if everyone will take to the martial analogy.  I’m no Petraeus, and The Job is far from that of a Commanding General, but sometimes it feels like you have to lead from the front and give those 18-year-olds the confidence that they can get through the most trying year many have had to experience in a long time.  Godspeed to me.


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