As D-Day closes in, cabbies start to spill

So I was heading off to attend the annual staff meeting yesterday morning, hoping to get in a little earlier so I could finish the annual spring-cleaning, and the cab driver starts getting emotional on me.  Don’t get me wrong. I did stay in the cab for a whole 20 minutes after we reached our destination as he poured out his disbelief that he’s contemplating ending his “perfect” 17-year old marriage that has produced 3 teenage girls.  Maybe it’s a sign for me that relationships aren’t all their cut out to be.  Maybe it’s a portent of things, the year, to come.  Anyway I advised him to seek counselling instead of a lawyer.  Kinda feel sorry for the guy, but the way he described it, there was a regular Iagoian force at work oozing poison in his wife’s ear.  Whether he’s just polishing up his side of the story, I don’t know.  I just know that I couldn’t get much done before the meeting, because the first thing that landed on my desk were testimonials I had to vet for errors before they get officially printed.  So I went through them with a fine toothcomb, and found quite a few errors.  After mulling over them and crafting and recrafting the sentences for weeks last year, I really wanted to get them out of my system and hope never ever to see them again.  

The whole place was packed, with the sights and smells of new hairstyles, tans and generally refreshed faces.  The usual New Year greets and holiday recounts rang in the air.  You could really get caught up in the hive of activity.  By the time I was done with the testimonials, there was barely time for lunch, not that the canteen was operational anyway.  So I decided to go into the meeting hungry.

I sat at the back, and noticed how the numbers seemed to have ballooned.  On the agenda were the usual first day, back to the grind stuff, and the only interesting thing of note was what I had already guessed for some time: that they had assigned me the Warthog.  But further details would only be available from today onwards.  No rush.  I had already gone into the system for confirmation of my other charges, so the only thing left to find out was the time allocations.  I hope I don’t catch 7.50 days everyday this year.

Then onto the Combined meeting, which started late cos we ended late, and yet more of the same.  Some of the HS bigwigs were seated in our row, and they kept on turning their heads cos they weren’t too happy with L’s rather loud prattling the whole time, which she was totally oblivious to.  I have a bad feeling she’ll get gently spoken to sooner or later. We found out we’re getting a grand for LDS, which was the best news of the day.   More New Year greets and holiday recounts during teabreak, but I was disturbed by people’s reactions when they learned I was getting the Warthog.  Like I was headed into a quagmire.  And of course all that belated reassuring only makes you more paranoid.  Oh well.  Worrying about it won’t help.  I’ll just have to head in Monday and deal.  

And of course I had to break the state of things to LL, cos she asked. But she was rather sweet about it, messaging me later last night with good thoughts  That’s not something I will enjoy doing – telling people – as we get into the year and people begin to remember and request for updates.  But I guess most are just genuinely concerned.  Still, I kinda get the feeling that 2009 will be not the least less interesting than 2008 was.


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