BSG Crit Lite good for beginners


If you, like me, can’t watch a critically acclaimed show without thinking hard about it, and yet haven’t really kept up with your cultural studies reading list, then this is a good primer for more heavy-going BSG criticism.  The essays, mostly written by authors of science fiction stories or SF aficionados, are short, look at BSG from various angles, and provide useful and interesting perspectives on them, but don’t expect to find anything new or mind-blowing. So if you’re looking to get into BSG crit in a light way, this is pretty easy to read. The most conceptually challenging piece was Clifton’s, and the issues on Artificial Consciousness dealt by Lloyd in his faux-minutes of meeting are worth taking a look. Then there’s the BSG (TOS) lover whose essay bashing the remake was so…intense…that I wondered if he actually sat back to demolish what he obviously considers inferior without the critical perspective of academia.  But wait a minute. This is hardly an academic work, as the Smart Pop series imprint reveals.  So I’ll let it slide.  And yes, this could use an update now with season 4.5 starting this Jan.


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