2nd post of 2009

Well, technically it should have been the first post, but I decided to blog the book review first since I did finish the book in 2008, but in any case there isn’t much to say anyway.  I didn’t really have plans for the night, but then FS messaged and asked if I wanted to hang out, so we met in town with his friend C, had coffee and viewed the fireworks from afar before calling it a night.  Was pleasantly surprised to get New Year greets from ET, who’s probably ringing in 2009 with her family and friends up north.  I will miss her and the rest of them, no matter who I get this year; like I’ve said previously, the first one is always special.

So what do I look forward to in 2009? Being able to move on after 5 years.  Greater confidence at work and less self-doubt all around.  Greater self-awareness and level-headedness.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting a car, but of course I hardly need one.  Still the temptation is there. But I guess the first thing is to get ready for the new batch – that means going back in and start getting things together.  If 2009 is anything like 2008, it’s going to be another roller-coaster ride, but with sharper turns.  I must hang on.


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