Pargeter eschews simplistic analysis of European Islamism


Much has been published about the growth of Islamic extremism in the US and in the Islamic world in particular, but rarely has one come across an analysis of the growth of the rise of radicalism in Europe.  Pargeter takes pains to emphasise that contrary to conventional thinking, Islamic radicalism in Europe is hardly monolithic or divorced from the motivations, objectives and ideologies in the Islamic world.  A highly organised and coherent work which traces how Islamic extremist networks in Europe began life as havens in which Islamists persecuted in their home countries could turn to, and subsequently developed, fuelled in large part by Saudi and Iranian attempts to export their own particular brand of radical Islam in order to extend their influence in Europe, bolstered also by the Afghan mujahideen success and the stillborn attempts to replicate this success in Bosnia and Algeria.  Pargeter also explains why radicalisation can been seen as much as a response to a desire to identity with a common cause and a common sense of belonging, as it is an act of desperation against the impotent rage and despair felt by many second and third generation migrant youth in Europe.


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