Memories of Old Ford Factory


Met up with FS for lunch, and then on a whim we decided to visit the Old Ford Factory, which he’d never been to and I’d always wanted to go. It was a little small but comfortable, and the exhibits were not too shabby. It was a little too cramped for my liking, and a result there was lots of information everywhere, which made for a pretty intense viewing.  I suppose if they could build or extend into another annex to lengthen out the exhibits it couldn’t hurt.  We were pretty disgusted by some scrawls that we discovered in the guest book, presumably done by secondary school students. My only regret was that we didn’t really get to explore the garden and the exterior surroundings.  Didn’t feel like taking any pics though, except of the faceplate.  But all in all, an enjoyable afternoon spent in a little history tucked away relatively close to where I live.


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