retreading old ground

I was just re-reading my previous book review entries, when I came across a reference to Abu Zubadyah’s torture, and it just dawned on me that I had been just reading about it in Mayer’s book.  It’s finally happened.  I’m beginning to retread old ground in my reading.  While I’m pretty much familiar with the major pieces of the narrative, it’s been increasingly harder to tease out or dig up new and interesting tidbits to flesh out the story. Either that, or I’m reading merely for the sake or appearance of reading, and not really trying hard to value-add to my storehouse of knowledge.  How do you keep a straight record of all the facts and views?  How do you not at some point get lost in a sea of confusingly similar anecdotes?  I guess that’s what research assistants are for.  

And here I have this grand delusion that I want to get started on my Masters.  C’s idea of an informal lecture series intrigued me. Maybe if I volunteer to helm one about terrorism or the rise of Islamic extremism, it will force me to organise my source materials and put everything into a coherent and digestible whole for my audience. Then again, I don’t know if I have the time, or more importantly, want to spend the time to do it. I will at some point refer to what The Job has in store for me in 2009, but this will have to wait until I have been given more details. Stay tuned.


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