The Torture Question


How did the US ‘force drift’ from being defenders of freedom to defenders of the human rights abuses at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib? In her new book, based on her reporting in The New Yorker, Jane Mayer unflinchingly gives the answer: The Law. Mayer shows chronologically how the law was manipulated to serve the ‘New Paradigm’ of Preemption in the immediate aftermath of the post-9/11 era, and how the legal battlefield for the hearts and minds of American values was similarly littered with semantics and definitions that continues to reverberate today.  If you want visual companions to this book, two highly recommended documentaries are PBS’ Frontline‘s The Torture Question and  Alex Gibney’s 2007 Academy Award-winning piece Taxi to the Dark Side, which is available on Youtube in 7 parts. 


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