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Happy Birthday to Me

July 9, 2008

Today marks officially one year in the new place.  I feel compelled to pen a few words to note the event, but emotions are decidedly mixed at the moment. It has been an eye-opening experience over the past year, and I guess a guy who got bumped up to First Class from Coach shouldn’t complain too much.  Of course, there’s good and bad, but what’s new?  But I’m surprised to find myself not completely happy even though everyone plus conventional wisdom tells me I should be.  Maybe my head’s screwed on wrongly, or the neverending Charge of the 77 have finally punctured a hold through my passion, but I’m glad to say that when all things said and done, I do enjoy them kids better here than anyone else.  So as long as I feel I’m contributing in some perhaps obscure way to their growth, The Job still has meaning for me and I can go on.  No candles, no good buddies busting my chops in their annoying way, but I guess there’s always a prize to pay for everything in life.  Here’s to the next birthday entry, on 9 July 2009.