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whores in heat

April 30, 2008

It’s been a long time since my last post.  Not that I had nothing to say but there’s so much to do and it’s all too depressing to put down.  The charge of the 77 is relentless, never-ending.  I keep wanting to read so much it hurts.  I’ve started avoiding bookstores because it just reminds me of the pain. Ordered some titles and will get more when they arrive, but I seriously doubt I have time to get into anything except red ink and frustration again.  Maybe during the holidays.  Okay I’d better stop now before it gets really bad, which is what I don’t want this blog to be – bitching, whining and raving. I’m surprised I’m actually going to allow these three dreaded words into this blog.

Two nights ago my modem’s power adapter gave out on me, and the online world went dark on me. It’s funny how little I do with my Macbook that isn’t about going online.  Two days and a long long walk out of Playfair Road later, I’m back up again. It’s cliched but true – the virtual world is as real as the real world, and when you’re off the grid when you don’t really want to be, you feel really….screwed.

There’s a lot more I want to say, about BSG Season 4, about the new Anjuna releases (especially 100 and the ‘From Goa to Rio’ DVD, but they will have to be later.  Really later.

Just for the record – the title of this entry comes from the whores I saw standing along the five-foot-way in this terrible weather, during my bus sojourn along Geylang today, on my way back from Playfair.  It’s funny how you can always tell a whore from not, how they all seem to hail from the PRC these days (a case of another type of employment ‘hollowing out’, can we say?), and how long exactly does one have to stand in the heat before they can relieve someone’s, er, heat? 

Go figure.