post-holiday blues: how do I drag myself back to work?

Looking back over the past month, I’m just realising I haven’t written a personal post for ages – it’s all been about the books I’ve voraciously devoured during the holiday.  And now, as I get ready to go back into the grind and face the uncertainties of the unknown, I find myself asking “Did I really enjoy this holiday?”  Well, I guess in some ways the long break did take me out of my element of the Job and its routines, so that it’s admittedly difficult to have to face the reality that I won’t be leisurely hanging out with WS or reading as much as I want to, in return for schedules, scripts and charges (don’t even know whether I’ll be getting the same ones).  Already they’ve pencilled me in for newbies’ induction tomorrow and Thursday, which is kind of weird since I’m already 6 months inducted, but meeting new people will be nice, and may help me get into the ‘back to work’ ethos faster.  I still have a couple of books I haven’t touched, which tears me to pieces because I really should return them and focus completely on the work.  I was originally going to blog my review of Baudrillard’s The Spirit of Terrorism and related essays, but I have decided not to do so because I don’t have time to re-read them again, in which case I won’t be able to do justice to the pieces. I suppose I can wait until the next uninterrupted break before trying again.

Christmas 2007 was toned-down, intimate and definitely far from the maddening crowd, something which I appreciate. I’m not sure if WS totally bought the idea, but it seemed the best way to go knowing that we’re definitely going to face new frontiers come ’08. I’m not exactly thrilled to be given C2 next year, but I suppose one can only hold one’s breath and plunge deeply in what seems inevitable. Time will tell.


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