got 102 minutes?: A journey through the smouldering ruins of ‘The Pile’

nine months at ground zero cover

Grout gives us a more accessible, highly readable layman version of American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center by William Langewiesche.  I had read the latter quite some time back (at least more than a year ago) and its lyricism and heartfelt empathy to the recovery operation left quite a big mark on my mind.  Grout’s book in a sense brings some of that back – in plain simple language and short snippets he takes us through the journeys of a small number of men and women who answered history’s calling and spent nine months in what can only be imagined, and then some.  Sure, some parts make one can’t help but feel this is the ‘pat-us-on-the-back’ memoir of the ‘brotherhood of construction’, but if you want a textual companion to the several photojournalistic accounts of Ground Zero available in the market, this is not a bad first choice.


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